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What is photography?

In defining aspects of creation it is important to be able to dissect the elements involved. Subject, Depth, Composition, Color, and Light = Vision and Reaction. The ability to communicate the transmutation of your mind's eye. The subsequent measure of success is in the hands of the perceiver.

The Subject usually defines the inspiration or at least the starting point for the photographer. The Depth of field will enable the photographer to manipulate the vision, bringing the viewer at a range between close up or put at a distance. A chosen Composition gives the viewer a frame of led reference, again by the photographer's choice. The Colors that are brought in to a frame, or omitted, will enhance the emotion and sensation of the Subject brought back to the observer. The Light is the mood and the path of life of the relationship between the entire captured expression.

Equipment and photograph enhancement products or services will alter the photographer's ability to capture but the talent to share a vision can only be mastered by those that exercise their passion, precision, and natural ability.

Empowering an experience through the simplicity and complexity of a stark truth, meaningful moment, or a whimsicle image is to lead the observer. The degree of control an observer believes is retained over an experience determines the level of enjoyment and defines the power of the photographer as a successful visionary.

Whether it be environmental portrait photography, architecture photography, annual report photography, corporate photography, sports photography, celebrity portraiture, live performance photography or conceptual photography Kevin Lock delivers simple, clear, and solid imagery.

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